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New Pristine Travel Allergy Bedding

Astex Pristine Allergy Bedding

Pristine Allergy Bedding Seal Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is a range of full encasing covers. Manufactured in the UK by ACP Solutions they are made out of a high tech fabric that prevents 100% of dustmite allergens and cat dander from passing through. All Astex "Pristine" Allergy bedding is guaranteed for 5 years

Sleeping GirlMattress, duvet and pillow cases are fully zipped and the zips have back panels to prevent any venting out of allergens.

Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is available in all UK and European (Ikea) sizes. Astex"Pristine" covers also come in a travel version for the protection of allergy sufferers travelling on business or for pleasure.

BAF Seal of Approval As Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding is a registered Class 1 Medical Device, sufferers of asthma and some other allergic conditions can self certify their condition in which case VAT is deducted from the cost of the goods.

Astex Active Allergy Bedding

Astex Active Allergy Bedding fabric sampleDeveloped and patented by ACP Solutions (formerly Protec Health), Astex "Active" Allergy Bedding covers are unique in that they directly kill house dust mites.

Tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Astex "Active" covers quickly kill the dust mites in mattresses, duvets and pillows leaving them clean and very quickly allergen free. Any dust mites landing on the bed will quickly be killed.

BAF Seal of ApprovalAstex "Active" covers carry the Allergy UK Seal of Approval and are available in all UK sizes.

Astex "Active" Allergy Bedding covers work for up to two years after which they should be replaced.
News Links
Allergy bedding demand could rise from mid-April

This year, hayfever sufferers could need allergy bedding from earlier in the year due to birch pollen.

Pollen allergies 'to affect people for more of the year'

A rise in the number of people using allergy bedding could be due to the growing length of time that pollen allergies are affecting sufferers.

Allergy bedding crucial 'as beds contain 2m dust mites

A home and lifestyle expert has praised the benefits provided by allergy bedding.

Medical diagnosis 'can help those worried about allergies

An expert has advised those worried about a potential dust mite allergy to obtain a medical diagnosis.

To view the full range of covers go to our online catalogue.>

For more information on Astex "Pristine" Allergy Bedding covers take a look at the Pristine page.

For details on Astex "Active" go to the Astex "Active" Allergy Bedding details page.

For what to look for when buying allergy covers look at our
"Buyers Guide to Allergy Bedding"

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