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Buying anti allergy bedding can be a hit and miss affair. Read through our buyers guide. Then go to the product pages for details on each product, get the full specifications for each range and the supporting research documentation, then simply make your choice - we know you will not be disappointed.

For general advice on living with atopic asthma, our Allergen Avoidance Advice Page has other ideas than can be followed to help protect the family against allergens.

Any Anti Allergy bedding that you buy should carry the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Allergy UK is the only independent product review panel in the UK.

Dust Mite1       Allergy UK recommend Fully Encasing Covers as the best form of protection.
Full Encasements should be:

  • Fully zipped
  • All zips should be lined to prevent allergens passing through
  • Encasements should be hot washed (60C or over) every 6 - 8 weeks
  • Encasements must be made from fabric that is guaranteed to hold its pore size despite hot washing, for a minimum guaranteed period
  • Breathable encasements are made from very densely woven fibres and are initially more expensive than treated products. Check the guaranteed life of treated products. Guaranteed Encasements are often a long term cheaper alternative to treated products
  • Make sure that Encasements are breathable and will pull away moisture through them so that they are comfortable to sleep on. Ask to see the Manufacturers tests!
  • Encasements are required to be registered as Medical Devices

Astex "Pristine" mattress, duvet and pillow guards are fully encasing covers that meet all the criteria. Go to the Astex "Pristine" page for full details.

2       Treated covers offer an alternative to Encasements. There are two main types of treated covers: those that actually kill house dust mites such as Astex "Active" and those treated with an antimicrobial that kills mould and fungus's that may be associated with dust mite nutrients and therefore reduce a dust mite infestation, such as Amicor and Ultracare.

All treated covers have an active lifespan after which efficacy will become impaired. Initially less expensive than quality encasements, regular replacement may make them long term a similar price or a more expensive alternative to full encasements. Points that need to be checked are:

  • Make sure that the manufacturer tells you how long the covers are proven to be effective for.
  • Ask for copies of manufacturers trials supporting the efficacy and the life expectancy claims of the product under normal use.
  • Do not rely on lab trials, these are fine for indicating what should happen in the real world, but are not a substitute for properly controlled trials undertaken by a reputable institute.
  • Ask about retreatment of expensive products (such as duvets and mattresses).

Astex "Active" anti allergy bedding has been tested by the London School of Tropical Medicine in a controlled domestic trial and are proven to work. For full details go the Astex "Active" page.

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