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1 in 20 people in UK use special allergy bedding

Nearly five per cent of Brits have used special allergy bedding to alleviate their symptoms.

New figures have been published showing that one in 20 Brits have used special bedding to try and alleviate their allergy symptoms.

Research published by Mintel has shown that 11 per cent of those with allegies have turned to products such as allergy bedding to tackle their condition.

In the UK, 44 per cent of adults suffer from one or more allergy, with 48 per cent of sufferers experiencing a reaction to more than one stimuli.

One in four of those with allergies react to pollen, with ten per cent experiencing a negative reaction to house dust mites.

Alexandra Richmond, senior health and beauty analyst at Mintel, asserted: "There are only a limited number of NHS allergy clinics in the UK … [so] people are left with little choice but to research their symptoms to identify what they are allergic to." She said that this trend was seeing more people buying anti-allergy bedding.

Some of the most popular brands of anti-allergy bedding include Astex Pristine Allergy bedding and Astex Active Allergy Bedding.

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