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Allergy bedding demand could rise from mid-April

This year, hayfever sufferers could need allergy bedding from earlier in the year due to birch pollen.

Demand for allergy bedding could rise earlier than normal this year, with hayfever predicted to be particularly bad from mid-April. Jean Emberlin, professor at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University, has told the Daily Express that high levels of a particular type of pollen are likely to mean the condition will become problematic earlier this year. She said: "We are expecting a high production of birch pollen this year due to natural biological rhythms. Birch pollen levels are not always high so many people may not realise they are suffering from hayfever and think they have a cold." Those who have symptoms such as a running nose, itchy eyes or the need for medication should ensure they get an appropriate remedy proscribed, Ms Emberlin added. Last week, research by Mintel showed that one in 20 people in the UK use special allergy bedding, with 44 per cent of Brits suffering from one or more allergy.

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