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Pollen allergies 'to affect people for more of the year'

A rise in the number of people using allergy bedding could be due to the growing length of time that pollen allergies are affecting sufferers.

Those with pollen allergies are finding that they are becoming susceptible to them for more of the year, a magazine has claimed, which could lead to a rise in the number of people using allergy bedding. The Mother Nature Network has reported that the pollination time for trees, grasses and weeds is beginning to overlap, meaning that those who are allergic to more than one type of pollen suffer particularly badly during these times. It suggested that climate change could be having a strong impact on the amount of pollen being produced, which may lead more people to seek out allergy bedding. "The warming climate is also extending the range of plants, allowing allergy-inducing species to spread into new areas of the world," the website suggested. Jean Emberlin, professor at the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University, has warned the Daily Express that hayfever will affect people earlier this year than normal.

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