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Allergy bedding crucial 'as beds contain 2m dust mites'

A home and lifestyle expert has praised the benefits provided by allergy bedding.

The average bed contains two million dust mites, an expert has claimed, highlighting the benefits that using allergy bedding can provide. Home and lifestyle expert Laura Dellutri has told CBS News that these often "thrive on your warm body every night". She suggested that the best way to prevent these from triggering allergies is to clean the bedroom fully and invest in allergy bedding. "They are easy to place on the bedding to stop dust mites from breeding in your bed and pillows. Use duct tape to keep the microscopic allergens from sneaking in through the zipper," she said. In addition to using allergy bedding, concerned people could also work to keep humidity levels low - at under 50 per cent - because dust mites like high-humidity atmospheres. New research by Mintel has shown that one in 20 Brits currently use allergy bedding to reduce the affects that dust mites have on them.

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