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Medical diagnosis 'can help those worried about allergies'

An expert has advised those worried about a potential dust mite allergy to obtain a medical diagnosis.

People in the UK worried they have an allergy should ensure they seek medical confirmation, an expert has advised. Lindsey McManus, head of communications at Allergy UK, has emphasised the importance of those who suspect they have this type of reaction seeking help early. She advises contacting one's GP in order to get a referral to an allergist, who can give a proper diagnosis and expert advice. "There is a real lack of allergy services throughout the UK so to get diagnosed is quite difficult and the waiting lists are often quite long," she warned. Ms McManus added that there are often indications that lead people to use self-diagnosis - such as getting swollen lips after eating certain foods, or persistent sneezing during the summer - but that it is better to get these verified by a professional. Recent research by Mintel reveals that 11 per cent of those with allergies have found they react badly to house dust mites.

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