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About Astex "Active" Guards Allergy Bedding

Baf Seal of ApprovalThese revolutionary patented products which carry the Allergy UK "Seal of Approval", directly kill house dust mites in beds and bedding. Impregnated with an active ingredient the covers start killing house dust mites the moment you put them on the bed. They work directly on the dust mites, rather than attempting to "interrupt" their life cycle.
  • New Beds/Bedding: Any dust mites landing on the bed/bedding will quickly be killed before they can lay eggs, keeping the mattress and bedding clean as new.
  • Existing Beds/Bedding:
    1. Fit under the normal bedding (Note the date on the washing tag)
    2. After 8 weeks, remove, vacuum (we recommend the use of new filters and bags in your vacuum)the mattress, pillows and duvets
    3. Replace covers* and leave for two years to prevent house dust mites returning.
    4. No further cleaning of the coves is required.

Astex Active bedding and link to Astex Active fabric sample have been trialled and tested in the "real world" by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine over two years. These trials show that not only were the dust mites in the beds killed but that also allergen levels were reduced from high levels to below the level considered as acceptable by the WHO.

The product has also been tested through over 150 doctors surgeries where asthma nurses distributed to selected patients. The nurses then monitored their patient's symptoms. The results were collated by Kember Associates, an independent company. Their report clearly shows that most patients recorded an improvement in their symptoms.

are made from polyester multi-filament fibre and are comfortable and cool to sleep on.
are safe to use and carry the BAF seal of approval.
* NB Hot washing and drying impairs effectiveness. In the event of an accident, sponge clean the covers with lukewarm water.

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