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New Pristine Travel Allergy Bedding

About Astex Pristine® Allergy Bedding

Read our "What to look out for when buying Encasement Bedding on line". They are not all the same!

The Astex Pristine® Encasement fabric carries a 10 year GUARANTEE against the pore size enlarging, so it will remain totally effective during this time if used in conjunction with manufacturer's instructions

For "Pristine" fabric samples and other product literature please e-mail

Pristine Allergy Bedding SealClean, pure, uncontaminated....
These are the images that come to mind when you hear the word "Pristine". Astex's revolutionary new range of encasement covers made from the Pristine family of fabrics, filter out dust mites, cat dander and other allergy-causing particles to keep pillows and bedding just that.... clean, pure and uncontaminated.

The innovative micro-weave of Pristine allows the fabric to maintain maximum air porosity.
This makes Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding Encasements:

  • Soft, supple and silent
  • Breathable, lightweight and "fluffable"
  • Easy to maintain and self-deodorising

View the Pristine video to learn more about this amazing fabric.

CE Medical Devices Mark Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding are "full encasements" as recommended by the British Allergy Foundation.
Astex "Pristine" encasements are approved Class 1 Medical Devices. Zero rated VAT can apply to "disabled/handicapped" persons. Please refer to the attached booklet 701/7 produced by the Revenue. If self-certification applies, please complete the attached form and return it to ACP Solutions, along with the order.

Baf Seal of ApprovalAstex "Pristine"® encasements have been tested by the Allergy UK and have been given their prestigious Seal of Approval.

Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding encasement covers are fully zipped and to prevent any allergens escaping through the zip, they each have a fabric backing. Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding encasement covers can be washed at temperatures up to 70° (dust mites are only killed at temperatures greater than 60°) keeping your Astex "Pristine"® encasements pristine! In fact we are so confident about our encasement covers being able to withstand regular washing that they are guaranteed for 10 years.

"Pristine"® fabrics have been tested by two independent US colleges of medicine who both found that Pristine® is an effective barrier to dust mites and their associated allergens.

Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding encasement covers have been tested by Pristine (PFGE) to ensure that our covers meet their high standards. Unlike many of our competitors, we are happy to make available copies of all our trial and test reports.

All "Astex Pristine"® bedding has been independently tested by the British Allergy Foundation.
All "Astex Pristine"® bedding products have been independently tested by the "IBT Reference Laboratory", USA, to ensure that not only the fabric, but the final pieces succesfully contain all allergens when used.

Astex "Pristine"® Allergy Bedding Product Specification

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