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Pristine Travel Allergy Bedding

Astex "Pristine Travel" fitted sheets are a great new idea for allergy sufferers who travel, whether on business or pleasure.

Many travellers find that their allergy symptoms soon return when staying away from home, for the simple reason that the beds they are staying in have not been protected from dust mite colonisation and can be full of harmful allergens.

The Astex "Pristine Travel" range are the ideal solution. Designed as conventionel fitted sheets they are easy to fit. They can be quickly placed over a hotels existing sheets or between the hotel bed linen and mattress - which ever is the easiest and most comfortable for the traveller.


These covers are not full encasements, nor are they treated so they are not an alternative to our fully protective Astex "Pristine" encasements covers or our Astex "Active" treated guards. They will protect the user from the worst of the allergens found in hotel beds but as they are not fully encasing they will allow some allergens to vent out from the undersurface of the mattress leading to some limited exposure. This limited exposure is normally acceptable short term, but is not acceptable long term. So whilst ideal for holiday periods, do not use at home. Instead use either Astex "Pristine" Encasements or Astex "Active" Guards which are designed to provide maximum secure protection for long term use.
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