Astex PRISTINE® Mattress, Duvet & Pillow Encasements

Effective relief from Asthma, Eczema and Rhinitis caused by house dust mites allergens and cat dander

Astex PRISTINE® Encasements are made with a fabric pore size of 5.9 microns. This prevents house dust mites and their allergens from being able to pass through from the mattress, pillow or duvet. As a registered Class 1 Medical Device they are VAT exempt for chronic allergy sufferers (VAT deducted with final payment details).

House dust mites and their droppings are a known trigger of Asthma, Eczema and allergic Rhinitis. By keeping the house dust mite and its allergens trapped, you can control one of the key factors associated with allergic reactions.

In June 2017 a study was completed (by Clare S Murray of the University of Manchester – Department of Infection, Immunity and Respiratory Medicine) using Astex PRISTINE® Encasements for mite sensitised asthmatic children.

Study conclusion: The risk of emergency hospital attendance was reduced by 45% by fitting Astex PRISTINE® Encasements to the mattress, pillow and duvet.

The soft lattice of the selected fibre allows heat and moisture to pass through, keeping you cool and your sleeping surface dry and comfortable. The encasements are fresh, soft, supple, breathable and lightweight so that you will not notice them when you sleep.

  • Soft, supple and silent

  • Comfortable and cool with no plastic backing

  • Easy to maintain - wash every 4-6 weeks at 60oC

  • Breathable