Astex PRISTINE® Encasements use new patented fabric technology which creates an impenetrable barrier to allergy-causing particles produced by house dust mites, such as those responsible for asthma, eczema, rhinitis and perennial hay fever. The fibre in Astex PRISTINE® fabric has been tested by two independent US colleges of medicine and found to be an effective barrier to dust mites and their associated allergens.

Our Guarantee

BEFORE fitting an encasement, thoroughly vacuum your mattress, duvet and pillows. Wash at 60ºC every 4-6 weeks and this will get rid of surface house dust mites and tighten the fabric, keeping it effective for up to 10 years.

Travel Liners

NEW – Easy-to-fit elasticated Astex PRISTINE® sheets to reduce the risk of an allergy attack when away from home. Allergy symptoms can return if the bed you are staying in has not been protected from dust mite colonisation. Travel Liners are effective for up to 6 weeks and so are suitable for business trips, weekends or holidays away.

Prices shown include VAT and postage and packing. Chronic allergy sufferers are VAT exempt.
Please fill out the VAT exemption form to receive the exemption code to use at checkout.

  • Soft, supple and silent

  • Comfortable and cool with no plastic backing

  • Easy to maintain - wash every 4-6 weeks at 60oC

  • Breathable

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